Dental laboratory

The dental laboratories we work with, produce high-quality and long-lasting prosthetic replacements.


The dental laboratories we work with stand out for the modern technology they use to produce prosthetic replacements, and all the dental technicians are highly qualified and have many years of experience.

They rely on CAD-CAM technology in their work. CAD-CAM is an abbreviation for the expression computer-aided design / computer-aided manufacturing and in dentistry it stands for a process that transforms ready-made blocks into perfect prosthetic replacements, by fine milling.

The system consists of an intra-oral scanner that scans the tooth which is prepared inside the mouth, laboratory scanners, computers with appropriate softwares which calculate the appearance of the future dentures and a machine unit, that produces the replacement out of the block. The blocks from which the prosthetic replacements are made have abrasive properties, they are available in a wide range of colors and sizes, providing high aesthetics and being the ideal choice in compliance with the natural tooth color of the patient. The materials we use are bio-compatible, clinically tested and last for a long period of time.

The advantages of this solution are multiple, such as:

  • the milling precision is in a range of +/- 25 microns
  • the fitting precision in teh patient’s mouth
  • optimal closing of the marginal edges
  • the possibility of an optimal planning of the final work from the first appointment
  • achieving the maximum aesthetic appearance
  • durability of the prosthetic work and a twice faster production of the replacement


Long lasting solution

Prosthetic replacement with high aesthetic properties

Prosthetic replacement ready over a short time

Minimally invasive technique


CAD-CAM technology helps the dentist and the technician in the production process of the most precise prosthetic replacements (inlay, onlay, crowns, bridges, abutments) perfect in anatomical shape, size and aesthetics.

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