All – On – Four

The immediate load system All – On – Four is an excellent implant – prosthetic solution that restores a toothless patient’s smile in an extremely short time.

What is the
All – On – Four?

The All – On – Four system is an implant – prosthetic solution for edentulous jaws.

Who can be an All – On – Four candidate?

All patients with a good general and oral health and with a sufficient bone quantity are the right andidates for the All – On – Four immediate load system.

Patients with uncontrolled diabetes, chronic heart disease, kidney disease, advanced osteoporosis and whoever has been exposed to radiation to the head and neck area in the past 6 months, are not candidates for this implant-prosthetic solution.

What are the advantages of the All – On – Four system?

  • long-lasting solution
  • painless procedure
  • restores functionality and aesthetic of the smile
  • short recovery time
  • natural look of the face
  • improved quality of life
  • restored self-confidence
  • not being removable gives the patient an extra sense of safety and stability

What is the procedure like and is it painful?

Before the procedure

Before the procedure, the patient’s complete anamnesis is taken, and in case an infectious disease is suspected, the patient is sent for a blood test.

Painless procedure

The implantology procedure is completely painless because it is performed applying local anesthesia or under sedation.

Two phases

The procedure undergoes in two stages. In the first phase, implants are placed in the edentulous jaw and are immediately loaded with a fixed temporary bridge. After the integration period (approx. 4-6 months), the patient can replace the temporary bridge with a ceramic one.

What happens after the implants are positioned?


After the implants are put in place, the patient needs to wait for the integration period to end (approx. 4-6 months).


During the integration period, the patient has a fixed temporary bridge.


After the integration period, the temporary bridge can be replaced with a ceramic one.


During the integration period we advise to eat soft food, during the first weeks it is better to avoid very spicy and hot food.

Frequently asked questions

Can this solution be applied to both jaws?

The All – On – Four system can be applied to both jaws.

Is it necessary any bone augmentation to have the All - On - Four system?
  • In case a lack of bone is estabilished, it can be reconstructed using natural or synthetic materials.
Is the All - On - Four system a lifetime solution?

The durability of the system depends on accurate and regular oral hygiene, regular check ups and other factors that can affect the patient’s health.

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