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In our work, we were often faced with challenges that motivated us to learn even more, to use high quality materials and modern technology. The results were always very good, often even better than we could have initially imagined.

That is why today we have the necessary knowledge to solve even the most challenging cases.

Take a look at some of our achievements.

The patient decided to replace her 20-year-old bridges. The aesthetics of the smile was compromised and we agreed to do something. Listening carefully to our patient’s wishes and needs, we decided that metal-ceramic crowns would be the best solution. At the end, the patient got 24 new teeth.

The lack of a large number of teeth caused the patient functional and aesthetic problems that reflected on his daily life. Our team of experts opted for the All – on – four method in both jaws. Immediately after the procedure the patient continued with his routine. He was extremely satisfied with our work and the overall atmosphere at the clinic.

Our dear patient, had his both jaws completely rehabilitated with the All-on-4 system, and in only 2 days. With the All-on-4 system we achieve the best aesthetic and functional results in a very short time, still using high-quality materials and the exceptional precision of our technology, all under the careful eye of our best experts. The whole process consists of several steps:

1. Radiological analysis of the initial situation of the patient
2. Checking of the patient’s health condition
3. Detailed specialist examination
4. Checking of the bone density
5. Positioning of 4 implants per jaw
6. Construction and fixation of a temporary bridge to be used during the integration period
7. Planning of the final phase after a minimum of 6 months
8. Construction and fixation of the final metal-ceramic bridges

After checking the patient’s dental condition, we decided to completely rehabilitate both jaws. To create his new smile, we chose 26 ceramic crowns. Functionality and aesthetics have been successfully restored.

The patient contacted us to solve the problem in both jaws. The old bridge with 4 elements was removed from the upper jaw, and due to the strong instability caused by inflammatory processes, 3 central teeth were extracted. As the bone density was not sufficient to insert any implants, we decided to rehabilitate the upper jaw with 2 telescopic crowns in positions 16 and 23 and a skeletal denture with 12 teeth.

In the lower jaw, after the extraction of the two remaining teeth, we installed 2 implants in positions 33 and 43, to which in the final phase we attached a bar that firmly holds the skeletal denture with 12 teeth.

The patient chose our clinic to get the desired smile. All teeth in both jaws were milled, and 24 zirconium-ceramic crowns were cemented. Considering the patient’s health condition, the entire procedure was performed under sedation. The patient is very satisfied with the final result and so are we.

The patient contacted us due to functional and aesthetic problems, caused by the lack of numerous teeth. By inserting 8 implants and 28 metal-ceramic crowns, we brought a smile back to her face, and most importantly, we restored her functionality as well.

Our dear patient has been postponing the solution of her dental problem for years. She was not happy with the aesthetics of her teeth in the upper jaw. When she finally decided to do something, she came to us to make her dream come true. After a detailed examination, we talked for a long time with the patient about her wishes, after which we proceeded with the preparation of the teeth for the prosthetic work. A total of 10 metal-ceramic crowns were made for the upper jaw, and 2 worn-out crowns were replaced in the lower jaw. Her smile speaks for itself. We are sure that she is very happy with the final result.

The patient approached us with several problems and wishes. The primary problem was the old prosthetic replacement in the lower jaw, both unstable and worn out. Instead of one hanging crown, we installed an implant. On the left side there was a broken molar that could not be saved. We removed it and installed two implants, in order to lengthen the dental arch and get a symmetrical chewing surface and a proper distribution of masticatory forces. After the integration period, the remaining teeth were milled and the patient had her both jaws restored with a total of 24 zirconium-ceramic crowns.

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