Autologous stem cells

Autologous stem cells are a superb method of bone augmentation and regeneration.

Regenerative dentistry

In cooperation with the REGENIUS clinic, we offer a revolutionary method of bone regeneration, using autologous stem cells. It’s the field known as regerative dentistry, in which our specialists have many years of experience and very promising results.

Bone resorption

Bone resorption is caused by:

  • loss of teeth
  • inflammations (periodontitis, gingivitis)
  • non treated inflammatory processes (abscesses)

The bone regeneration method using autologous stem cells is very effective in procedures of dental bone augmentation.

Harvesting of autologous stem cells

Autologous stem cells are obtained from bone marrow mono-nuclear cells or from the iliac crest. They are usually used as a base before implant placement, whether it is about a single implant or All-on-4 and All-on-6 systems.

After applying the stem cells to the damaged areas, or to the entire jaw, it is necessary to wait approx. 6-8 months in order to obtain a firm and stable bone.

This method is also applied in the following situations:

  • periodontopathy, or periodontal tissue disease
  • major bone damages
  • faster trauma healing

Advantages of bone regeneration method using stem cells


Almost non-invasive


Fast recovery


Excellent quality of the regenerated bone

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