Aesthetic dentistry

A beautiful smile is becoming more and more important every day and our team is making smiles just for you. Nowadays, the role of healthy teeth and a beautiful smile is not only functional, but also aesthetic.

Smile Design

There are many ways to achieve a beautiful smile and we follow a specific protocol to allow you to do so, in perfect accordance with your anatomical features. During the individual consultation, our specialists will offer you the most suitable methods of achieving a dream smile. By combining various methods and treatments, you will finally be able to put a smile back on your face.


An important segment of beautiful and aesthetically functional teeth is their color. In order to offer you the perfect tooth color, we also offer whitening services.


Beyond Whitening Accelerator BY-0398 lamp.


A specially formulated paste is applied on the teeth, which are then illuminated with a lamp.

Repetition of the procedure

If necessary, the treatment can be repeated after 15 days.

Food and beverages

Immediately after the whitening treatment, we suggest avoiding tea, coffee, red wine, smoking, squid ink dishes, or whatever might leave permanent marks on the teeth.

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