Modern periodontology successfully treats chronic gingival inflammation. The causes of periodontitis and gingivitis are multiple. Any untreated inflammation can also cause tooth loss. It is one of the most widespread diseases today.

Causes of periodontitis

There are clear causes of periodontitis: various bacteria. All of them can be very easily spotted and this chronic disease can be properly treated.

It is important to point out that regular and professional calculus removal as well as daily proper oral hygiene are a good basis for maintaining the gums healthy.

Plaque is a fertile ground for bacteria to multiply

Inadequate oral hygiene and non removal of soft and hard plaque leads to uncontrolled growth of pathogenic bacteria, the main causes of gingivitis and periodontitis.

If the disease develops, we can notice the following symptoms:

  • gums bleeding when brushing or flossing
  • gingiva inflamed, swollen and sensitive
  • premature retraction of gums
  • formation of abscesses and drainage of pus when pressing the gums
  • teeth oscillation
  • loss of healthy teeth
  • bad breath

Stages of periodontitis


Initial stage of the disease, sensitive and inflamed gums, frequently bleeding, presence of plaque that can turn into calculus.


Plaque and calculus cause damage to the support between soft tissue and tooth. Over time, bacteria attack the bone tissue as well.

Advanced periodontitis

Gum retraction occurs due to damages of the bone tissue and periodontal ligaments. Healthy teeth also start to wobble, which leads to their loss.

Periodontal diseases are treated as follows:

  • regular plaque and calculus removal, main causes of the disease
  • cleaning of the periodontal pockets 
  • by adequate rinsing of the oral cavity after brushing the teeth
  • taking antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs
  • meticulous daily oral hygiene
  • by surgical removal of parodontopathic tissue
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